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General Information

The Erasmus organisation provides a student exchange programme. Students are awarded a grant that enables them to attend a partnership university. The participating students are also exempted from paying university fees (and these are very high in comparison to those in Poland, particularly in the UK).

The student exchange programme provides the students with the opportunity to improve their language skills, experience a different culture, and establish professional and social relationships with students from other countries.  Studying abroad provides the students with access to different areas of research, and allows them to experience life in another country. Participation in the Erasmus programme broadens a student’s university experience and the skills that participating students can develop will enhance their CVs.

At the beginning of each Winter Semester (See the ‘Current Events’ link on our website  and local university notice boards for the exact dates for the 2015-2016 programme), The Institute of Visual Arts organises annual meetings  about the Erasmus Programme. Interested applicants are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with student feedback from previous Erasmus exchange students and to attend this meeting.

The Department of Visual Arts strongly recommends that students consider taking part in the Erasmus Exchange Programme as it provides many educational, cultural and social benefits.

More information on the Erasmus Exchange Programme is available on the website of The International Cooperation Office UZ.



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