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Students of The Institute of Visual Arts have an opportunity to participate in the Erasmus Programme (with one of our partnership universities abroad).

The main requirements for joining the programme are having good marks on your course and a communicative of a foreign language (preferably English) sufficient to cope with the demands of living and studying abroad.

The application process usually begins at the start of the summer semester. All application documents must be submitted to the International Cooperation Office, UZ. Successful applicants at this stage will then be interviewed by the Institute of Visual Arts.

At the beginning of each Winter Semester (see also the ‘Current Events’ link, there is an annual meeting when interested applicants can learn more about the application process and documents.

We strongly recommend all interested applications to read previous students’ feedback about the programme and to find out more online.
Further information about the Erasmus Programme itself and the recruitment process can be found at the links below. The university notice boards will have the exact dates for the 2013-2014 programme. You can also ask at The International Cooperation Office, UZ


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