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Post-Graduate Alumni Meetings

The Institute of Visual Arts organised its first meeting with alumni from the department in 2012. The purpose of these meetings is for post-graduate students to present their achievements and share their artistic experience with others. Those who still actively participate in the arts have an opportunity to talk about their present artistic activities, exhibitions, festivals on art or their further educational development in the arts.

The meetings are particularly valuable for our current students, who often face difficulties in making the transition from university to the workplace and who will often find making a career in the arts a challenge.

It is our goal to establish the meetings on a regular basis so as to provide an opportunity to meet up after graduation to discuss the problems of contemporary art and its educational aspects.
The side links provide more information on the meetings and include photographs from our meetings.

Michał Jankowski
Waldemar Pranckiewicz
Grupa Sędzia Główny
Sławomir Czajkowski
Stefan Hanćkowiak


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